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Genuine Stella 125 Automatic  039

Review: Hands-on With the Stella 125 Auto

ScooterFile goes hands-on with the brand new 2014 Stella 125 Automatic from Genuine Scooter Company. Full breakdown and first impressions. ...

Mar 16 • 1609 Views

Comparison c600 vs v7

Ask ScooterFile: Moto Guzzi V7 or BMW Scooter?

To submit your own Ask ScooterFile question, drop us a line at Today’s question is from David, and it was in...

Feb 16 • 1227 Views

texting and driving

Opinion: Let’s Treat Distracted Driving Like Drunk Driving

Here in Illinois it’s recently become illegal to use a “hand-held device” — i/e a mobile phone — while driving. This...

Feb 7 • 807 Views

Customs Customs

Greg Hatcher and MNNTHBX

The Ruckus (and Grom) Shenanigans of Greg Hatcher and MNNTHBX

Mar 3 • 1049 Views • 4 Comments

We share a profile of Greg Hatcher, founder of MNNTHBX — a company that makes custom Honda Ruckus and Grom parts and manufactures them in the USA. ...

The Slaughterhouse by ScooterWorks USA

The Slaughterhouse, a Custom Genuine Roughhouse 50

ScooterWorks USA have taken the humble Genuine Roughhouse and turned it into a little beast of a scooter. ...

Feb 28 • 1366 Views

The C50 Mini-Bobber by Lê Thanh Bình

Gallery: The C50 Mini-Bobber by Lê Thanh Bình

Custom scooters are growing in popularity, and we're starting to see some usual suspects. We all know the west...

Feb 27 • 986 Views

The Reaper by ScooterWorks USA

The Reaper, a Custom Buddy 170i

Building a custom scooter is always an exercise in balance. How much custom fabrication does one do? Do you focus on...

Feb 26 • 957 Views