About ScooterFile

ScooterFile is dedicated to producing, curating, and sharing news, reviews and opinion in the world of scooters. Founded in response to a gap in two-wheeled news coverage, ScooterFile exists to specifically serve an audience of scooter enthusiasts. Press outlets abound to cover motorcycles and ATVs, but whenever these publications cover scooters (which is rare), this coverage usually comes from a motorcyclist point of view. Founded by a scooterist, for scooterists, ScooterFile exists to provide a new point of view in covering the two-wheeled world.

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About the staff

Nathaniel Salzman [ Founding Editor ]
The scooter community is my favorite thing about being a scooter rider. The machines are great, but the people are even better. My first scooter — a silver 1979 Vespa P200E — wasn’t just my first scooter. It was my first powered two-wheeler. I was hooked. Other bikes have come and gone over the years. A couple of Genuine machines, a modern Vespa and even proper motorcycles. I’m currently riding a retro-tastic ’86 Honda Elite 250 and enjoying every mile of it.

My intention in founding ScooterFile was to create a news outlet specifically for scooter fans. Scooter owners and enthusiasts have a very different point of view than the average motorcycle rider. It’s an audience that deserves a voice — deserves news coverage and editorial with them in mind.

Eric Almendral [ Editor ]
Eric Almendral, ScooteristFor several years now, friends and acquaintances have been telling me, “You should blog or write about scooters.” Much like before buying my first scooter, I hemmed, hawed and made excuses. “I’ve got my hands full running ModernBuddy and tweeting. I already neglect my Wiki Moderator duties over at ModernVespa. Running the LA Scooter Group is taking up more and more time. I have a near-forgotten-about scooter Tumblr, my scooter book project is gathering dust… I think I’m doing enough right now.” None of that prevented me from registering domain names for possible future blogs, writing long, blog-like pieces for the forums, obsessively following EICMA and Scooter Cannonball as if I was reporting on them, contributing to others’ scooter blogs and mentally filing thoughts and ideas away for some future project.

Two deciding factors brought me to ScooterFile: First, Nathaniel had done all of the heavy lifting. Second, and more importantly, I’m hoping our contributions to the scooter blogosphere will become as helpful, interesting and compelling for others as many of what already exists has been for me. The US scooter world is more diverse now than ever before and needs a varied panoply of voices to cover and represent it.

Currently riding: ’06 Vespa LX150/190; 2011 Genuine Stella 1504T.