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Reach a diverse audience of scooter fans from around the world with your product or service. ScooterFile offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities at competitive rates.

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Advertising Rates

Rates vary based on the type of placement selected and its duration. Longer durations receive a discount. Those rates are calculated quarterly based on actual site traffic. Advertisers are encouraged to purchase longer placements and lock in their pricing, which you can do for up to one year.

Sponsorship opportunities

Display advertising
There are currently 11 advertising placements on ScooterFile. They are all available for advertising placement, subject to editorial approval (that is, our approval of your advertising content, not the other way around). Ad placements may be purchased monthly, quarterly and yearly with pricing discounts offered for longer placements. You may swap out the content of your advertisement in a given placement as often as you like during your purchased timeframe.

ScooterFile is also able to create display ad imagery on your behalf for an additional fee.

Sponsored posts
Subject to editorial approval, advertisers may sponsor an entire post of content on ScooterFile. For example, if your company is having a big sale, a featured post can serve as a product showcase. This post will show up in our regular RSS feed and be promoted across our social media channels at the same interval as our regular content. However please note that this content will be clearly labeled with “Sponsored:” in the post title and within the post itself. Sponsored posts remain active in our archives for one calendar year unless you ask us to pull them sooner. This does not apply to press releases or other news content meant for public consumption. ScooterFile will post that information, at our discretion, free of charge as part of our news service. In fact, we encourage you to send us any and all press release materials as often as you like.

ScooterFile’s editorial staff is able to create sponsored content on your behalf for an additional fee. This content can include copy, photography and video.

Other opportunities

  • Sponsor the ScooterFile RSS/Email subscription feed
  • Sponsor a single share message or ongoing campaign in our social media feeds (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest)
  • Sponsor a contest or giveaway
  • Sponsor ScooterFile as the official coverage of your scooter-related event

getQuoteTo request more information, or to make an ad placement purchase, contact us here, or send an email to