Paris Poop Scooter

Scooter solution to pooper-scooper scofflaws in Paris

Whenever someone wants to disparage Paris, he inevitably brings up the problem of dog poop (more formally referred to as les crottes de chien) in the streets. I’ve never given this much credence, since I’ve been to Paris a half-dozen times and never noticed a particular problem. Since 2002, it’s been mandatory to pick up after your pooch, with stiff fines of $238-$585 for failing to do so. Naturally, some dog-owners feel this doesn’t mean them, and Parisian gendarmes are lax in enforcing the law.

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Honda Cross Cub Concept

The New Honda Cross Cub CC110 Concept

Looking like the frisky offspring of the late, lamented Ruckus and the Honda Cub 110 (the world’s best-selling motorbike, with more than 60 million versions sold as of 2009), Honda’s new Cross Cub CC110 made its pre-production debut at the Osaka Motor Show. Details are sketchy thus far, but the pared-down chassis and rugged tires suggest this version is game for some off-road action. A red, more street-focused version of the concept was also shown. Will it actually go into production? Will it make it to US shores? Time will tell, but remember, “You meet the nicest people on a Honda.”

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Holiday Scooter

Last-minute gifts for scooterists

For you last minute shoppers, we’re passing along Ron Arnold’s Examiner post on gift ideas for scooterists. Decrying the dearth of gifts for scooterists to be found at the mall, the Detroit Scooter Examiner rounds up more than a dozen ideas, not just for gifts, but also where to find them.

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Piaggio BV350

Motorcycle USA Praises the 2013 Piaggio BV350

Piaggio’s midsize BV350 has been a big hit with motorcyclists and scooterists alike. While not only one of the best looking “big wheel” scooters available, the BV350 hits a sweet spot of capability. Motorcycle USA reviewer and CityBike editor, Gabe Ets-Hokin, had a lot of complimentary things to say about the middleweight Beverly in his recent review.

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