Buying a Scooter on the Cheap

For most scooterists and would-be scooterists, one factor more than any other drives their riding choices: money. Most people can’t casually buy a Vespa 946 just because they like the color. Instead, for most people looking to get into scooter riding, they’ve got a limited budget. Yet as a recreational pursuit or even a 100% practical transportation application, scooters and all the gear that comes with them can be very affordable if you know where to look.

Enter long-time scooter community contributor and self-proclaimed “scooter nut” David Harrington over at Just Gotta Scoot. Dave has put together a quick guide on how to save money in your scootering pursuits.

    • What to look for when buying used

  • • Riding gear such as helmets and clothing
  • • Specific scooter recommendations for each class size
  • • Where to really spend the money when it counts

Check out Dave’s full article over on Just Gotta Scoot.

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