Custom Honda Cub by K-Speed

While closer to large mopeds, the Honda Cub, Super Cub, Passport, and SYM Symba are all honorary scooters in my book. They’re also a growing platform for interesting customization. Take this gritty, bare metal example.


Built by K-Speed in Thailand, this particular Cub has just the right amount of bonkers dialed in. It’s hard-tailed, raw steel and covered with interesting details. Check out the caged tail light, for example.


Since none of the Cub’s incarnations have a clutch, this is one bike where a suicide-style shifter actually makes a lot of sense. What I can’t figure out, however, is why they’ve apparently relocated the front brake to the left hand control. That’s a head scratcher. Regardless, it’s a great looking bike and an encouraging trend for a great classic machine.


If you’re into this and other small Honda customs, be sure to check out Chalopy. We’ve been finding all sorts of cool stuff over there.


Source: Chalopy

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