Customs: B.R. Moto’s Honda Helix

Where do I even start? There’s customizing a scooter and then there’s transforming one. Italy’s B.R. Moto has taken an unassuming Honda Helix and all but completely re-engineered it. The bodywork and barcalounger seating is gone. The trunk is nowhere to be found. Instead, a custom tubular frame and skateboard running boards put this scooter on a different planet than where it started. It’s truly remarkable. While I might not have made the same choices on each little detail, the sheer scope of this transformation is utterly remarkable. Wow. Just wow. Serious congrats to the guys at B.R. Moto as this is very much not something you see every day. I’ve never seen anything like it. Eat your hearts out, Ruckus boys.

Source: B.R. Moto Blog
Via: Bubble Visor

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