Fascinating Patterns in Two-wheel Safety Statistics

While math was certainly not everyone’s favorite subject in school, the tools of math and statistics tell us a lot about our world. While hardly a certainty, they help us understand the general likelihood that something will happen to us. Eat nothing but fast food and sit around all the time? The statistics tell us you’ve got a really good chance of dropping dead as early as your 40s. Does it mean you will? Not necessarily, but the number help us gauge risk and make better decisions.

Safety statistics, for example, can tell us a lot about what risks are most apparent for a given activity. Obviously here at ScooterFile we’re most interested in two-wheel safety statistics because they give us key information and make good basic safety decisions like staying sober and wearing a helmet. Yet what else is there to be gleaned out of the numbers? Well RideApart’s Wes Siler took a very interesting look at the latest fatality numbers. For example, how do fatality rates correlate in states with mandatory helmet laws? Do states with more two-wheelers have more accidents? The results may surprise you. Check out the full article here.

Source: RideApart
Photo Credit: Flickr

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