Get Through Winter Without Losing Your Mind

Detroit Scooter Examiner Ron Arnold has posted a terrific piece over at his website about what he does when things like the now infamous Polar Vortex leave him and the rest of Detroit snowed in. With recommendations ranging from podcasts to vintage clothes shopping, it’s a fun list of things you can try in order to keep that cabin fever at bay.

The Polar Vortex and continuing record low temperatures and snowfall have made this winter a big old loser as far as winter scooting in Detroit goes. Us in Michigan are all forced to sit inside, watching the Weather Channel for the day when it will get above freezing enough for the small thaw to start. So we wait. And wait. And, just when a semi dry line has formed enough to allow a scoot out of the subdivision, it snows again. While we’re busy not scooting, here are some scooting-themed things to stop (or slow) the onset of scooter-less cabin fever.

Check out his full article here: Scooting through the Polar Vortex.

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