Like to Kick and Ride? Kickstart the Scrooser.

If you search for “scooter” online, you’ll find all sorts of things. There’s the motor scooters we know and love, but there’s also mobility scooters and kick scooters all sharing the term. Most of the time, there’s no meaningful overlap. Yet with just one week to go, the Scrooser has been blowing up the web this past week with its Kickstarter campaign.


One part electric motor scooter, one part kick scooter, the Scrooser sets itself up for urban cruiser duty. Move through a crowd on a busy sidewalk, or hop out into the bike lane and cover some real distance. A Kickstarter pledge of $1,700 will get you a kick-only Scrooser without a motor, but a full-fledged Scrooser will run you something in the neighborhood of $4,500.

The Scrooser’s tech specifications are pretty impressive. At 60 lbs, the Scrooser is luggable onto any public transport that would have it. A hydraulic front disk up front and engine braking in the rear should bring the Scrooser to a confident stop. Going is more interesting, however, and the Scrooser will cruise along up to 15 mph for 22-34 miles depending on how much kicking along you do. Powered by a 1 KW hub motor, charging time is spec’d at 1-3.5 hours depending on the charger.


All that seems very liveable, but at $4,500, the price tag is squarely in the early adopter range. Yet it’s tough to deny, the Scrooser is cool. Most personal transport options are pretty dorky. Sure a Segway is super fun, but nobody looks cool while riding one. The Scrooser is downright chic and if this company can make it through the dip and into full scale production, chances are this little runabout may very well become the ultimate object of techno-urban cache. I’m not going to lie to you, Marge. I want one.


Flash and style aside, what’s particularly brilliant about the Scrooser’s design is the relationship between its seat and its handlebars. The fact that you can easily ride it upright like a kick scooter, or sit back and cruise like a Honda Ruckus is particularly clever. This hybridization puts the Scrooser in that in-between land where one could seemingly ride it anywhere. Bike lanes, sidewalks, anywhere. Don’t run over anybody, and you and your Scrooser could carve the urban landscape with impunity.

What do you guys think? Flash in the pan, or are they on to something here?

Learn more over at Scrooser’s website, or check out their Kickstarter campaign.

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