Photo: Winter Scarab

With snow covering the ground in most of the midwestern USA, many of us still have our scooters tucked away warm in our garages. Yet there are those intrepid scooterists who venture out into the winter slush. They’re fools, heroes and ambassadors. My own longing for warmer weather and the return of riding season are why this photo hit me so hard. The bright red against the muted palette of white and gray — the juxtaposition of an object of warm weather joy — these themes play against the cold and help dull the sting of a winter not yet over.

Winter Scarab

How do you pass the winter months?

Source: Flickr
Via: SakeRacer

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  • Mondo Lulu

    HahA, this is my shot from last year, when there wasn’t much snow in Toronto. Impossible to ride this year since some roads still haven’t been cleared. Totally waiting for the big thaw and rain to wash away the salt.

    • Great photo! Glad we could share it.

      Been quite the winter, right? Here in Chicago it’s finally showing signs of spring and I couldn’t be more thrilled.