Photos: London Mods in 1979

For most scooter fans, even if they don’t ride a vintage Vespa or Lambretta, there’s still a romantic attachment to the Mods of the ’60s and ’70s in Great Britain. As much a fashion movement as a vehicle preference, the Mods remain forever etched on the psyche of the scooter community. The site Voices of East Anglia has a great post up featuring vintage photos of Mods out for a scooter gathering in 1979, as captured in the short film Steppin’ Out by Lyndall Hobbs. The film explored a number of youth culture and fashion movements of the time, and so of course it needed to include the Mods.

Voices of East Anglia is actually on the hunt for a copy of Hobbs’ film, if anybody can lay their hands on one.

Photographer Paul Wright has shared a whole range of behind the scenes photos on Flickr that are well worth your time. It’s a great look into scooter culture past.

Source: Voices of East Anglia
Via: Scooterville MN on Facebook

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