Photos: Tim’s Custom Bagged Ruckus

It’s no secret that we love custom Ruckus scooters here at ScooterFile. They’re a great, accessible platform where creative builders and riders can express their own riding style. We found a story over on Air Society about this particular ruckus, which belongs to a fellow called Tim.

Tim's Bagged Ruckus

His customization of this ruckus went deeper than just aesthetics. For starters, he swapped out the stock 50cc motor for a 200cc unit — giving his ride much longer legs. Clutch and variator modifications put the power down nicely as well.

Tim's Bagged Ruckus

Upgraded brakes and stretched suspension give this Ruckus the stance we’ve come to love so much from these one-off machines. At this point, it’s kind of amazing that Honda doesn’t just sell the Ruckus this way from the factory. Some people look down their nose at it, but personally, I dig it.

Tim's Bagged Ruckus

My favorite detail has to be the all the gloss black contrasted against the bike’s white wall tires. Nothing about this machine is screaming for attention, yet it’s impossible to ignore. Very well done, Tim. Very well done.

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Source: Air Society
Photo Credit: Flickr

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