McSweeney’s: Please Steel My Vespa

I’m often amused by what brings out people’s insecurities. For example, people who take themselves so seriously they wouldn’t dare be seen riding a scooter. What’s funny, I think, is the real weakness of character that shows. To care so much what people think of you that being seen on a scooter is all it takes to undermine your self-confidence is funny and, well, sad.

What’s also funny is when someone like McSweeney’s Lucas Gardner has some fun with this idea, like in this piece, entitled Please Steel My Vespa:

I have “accidentally” left the Vespa un-chained, with the key in the ignition, in my front yard every night for the past three weeks and none of you have stolen it. I appreciate your moral decency in that regard, and your neighborliness means a lot to me, but I am giving you the go-ahead to please steal my Vespa.

Take a look, it’s a funny read. Then take heart, because as a scooter fan, you’re a strong person of good character. You’re also exceptionally good looking.

P.S. A public service announcement to husbands and wives everywhere: scooters are just as dangerous as motorcycles, and just as fun.

Via: 2StrokeBuzz on Facebook

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