Scomadi Brings Pre-Production Vintage Lambretta Clone to EICMA

UK-based Scomadi has been hand building carbon fiber Lambretta clones using Piaggio power train since 2010. At EICMA this week they’ve unveiled a pre-production version of a bike they intend to take to production. While carbon fiber appears to have given way to fiberglass, the Turismo Leggera 300 still weighs in at just 238 lbs. That’s Buddy 125 territory. I think they’re on to something.


Take a good look under the body just behind the front wheel. That’s a radiator for the water-cooled engine taken from the Vespa GTS 300. While I appreciate the appeal of a reliable engine, putting a Vespa power plant in what is pretending to be a Lambretta just seems wrong on some level. Philosophy aside, a bike that light, with that much power, ought to, well, scoot. With 12″ wheels, the Turismo Leggera 300 will still feel like a scooter, but tubeless tires and modern suspension (check out the twin shock front fork) should give it a great road manner.


The Turismo Laggera 300 is a collaboration between Scomadi, the UK’s PM Tuning Racing Products Ltd and Scooter Innovation Ltd. There’s currently no US distribution, but UK and mainland sales are planned. Find more info over at Scomadi’s Facebook Page.

Via: 2StrokeBuzz on Facebook

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