The Moveo Scooter Moves to Crowd Funding

Back in February, we reported on a rather clever folding electric scooter concept called the Moveo. Built by a Hungarian non-profit transportation company called Antro, the two wheel electric drive Moveo concept offers 50cc performance in a package that folds up to something roughly the size of carry-on luggage. As of this week, Antro is opening up the Moveo project up to crowd funding through the site

Back in February, Antro was shooting for an MSRP in the neighborhood of $3,200. While it’s unclear if that asking price will come to fruition once the Moveo comes fully to market, a pledge of $5,450 will get you your very own folding Moveo scooter during this public funding campaign. Antro hopes to raise an ambitions total of $1.65M USD to get the Moveo out on the streets of Europe and North America.

The Moveo isn’t the only electric scooter project to turn to crowd funding lately. A few weeks ago we showed you the Scrooser, whose Kickstarter campaign just wrapped up a few days ago, raising 155% of their $125,000 goal. It took a pledge of just $3,950 to get your hands on your very own future Scrooser, yet the two machines are obviously very, very different.

Will the Moveo take off? Will they find the $1.65M they’re looking for? Time will tell. If you’d like to participate, funding opens July 20, 2013. If you chip in, we’d love to hear from you.

For more info on the Moveo, head over to our original post (includes photo gallery).

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