Video: Honda Bringing the 125cc Grom to the USA in August

There are a handful of classic Honda bikes that blur that line between scooter and motorcycle. The Cub, the 50cc “monkey bike” and the Trail 70 come to mind. Meanwhile, Honda has been doing a great job over the past couple years getting in touch with its roots. From its motorcycle line down to scooters, both Eric and I agree that Honda is “finally making Hondas again” in that they seem to have brought their core focus back to creating approachable, affordable, reliable and interesting bikes — the very thing that brought them so much success in the first place.

Honda Grom 125

The latest in Honda’s quest to reclaim its identity is the Grom, a 125cc minibike that’s part classic Trail 70, part modern Honda machine. While not really a scooter, it definitely falls into that gray area, just like the classic bikes that obviously inspired its design.


Making 9 hp, it’s not going to break any records at Bonneville, but at such a small size, it’s going to be a blast to ride around town due to its reportedly torquey little underslung single. That fun factor would only multiply given its fully modern suspension (did you notice the upside-down front forks?) and fuel injection. Be mindful though, this isn’t your dad’s Super Cub. The Grom features a 4-speed manual with a good, old-fashioned clutch.

Look for the Grom to hit US shores in August and retail for a very reasonable $2,999.

I look at this thing and have two questions.
1. What is a Grom?
2. Will it fit in the back of my wife’s CR-V?

Sources: RideApart and Dealer News

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