Scomadi Starts Production

At last year’s EICMA, one of the most remarkable brings was a set of scooters from the UK’s Scomadi Ltd. Essentially vintage Lambretta-style bodies with modern Vespa underneath, the Scomadi lineup aspires to bridge that gap between classic style and modern engineering.

Now we’ve seen machines like the Stella or the SYM Wolf 150 that are essentially extended production runs of vintage machines by companies who used to produce the originals under license. Sometimes there are significant technological advances, such as the Stella Auto power plant or the ceramic coated cylinder in the Wolf 150. What Scomadi is doing seems to be taking that concept a bit further. They’re re-manufacturing purpose-built chassis and Lambretta-style bodywork to mate up to completely modern engines from Piaggio. Coming in 50cc, 125cc and 300cc sizes, production has begun in earnest on the 50cc version. Scomadi has shared a variety of images from that production ramp-up over on their Facebook page.

That production is happening in mainland China, but its worth noting that production quality is not a matter of geography. Instead, it’s a matter of oversight. Chinese manufacturers get a bit of a bad rap because for so long, all anyone has asked them to make is garbage. Meanwhile big name manufacturers from all over the world are using Chinese production to produce components for their vehicles. That Scomadi is using Chinese manufacturing is simply a reality of costs. The key question will be quality control and oversight. If standards are high, chances are the outcomes will be good. That’ll be part of what Scomadi will have to prove to new customers.


That proof will start this coming November, when Scomadi is expecting the 50cc version of their scooters will go on sale in the UK. The 125cc is set to follow a few months later, and the 300cc version is slated about a year out. Still no word of a US distributor, however I can imagine that Scomadi’s blend of classic lines and modern reliability, crossed with the hot rod power-to-weight ratio the 300cc model would offer, could certainly garner some interested parties here in The States.

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