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  • Greg Hatcher and MNNTHBX

    The Ruckus (and Grom) Shenanigans of Greg Hatcher and MNNTHBX

    Mar 3, 14 • 1850 Views • Customs4 Comments

    We share a profile of Greg Hatcher, founder of MNNTHBX — a company that makes custom Honda Ruckus and Grom parts and manufactures them in the USA. ...

  • The Slaughterhouse by ScooterWorks USA

    The Slaughterhouse, a Custom Genuine Roughhouse 50

    Feb 28, 14 • 2662 Views • Customs, Genuine Scooter Company1 Comment

    ScooterWorks USA have taken the humble Genuine Roughhouse and turned it into a little beast of a scooter. ...

  • The C50 Mini-Bobber by Lê Thanh Bình

    Gallery: The C50 Mini-Bobber by Lê Thanh Bình

    Feb 27, 14 • 1676 Views • Customs, HondaNo Comments

    Custom scooters are growing in popularity, and we're starting to see some usual suspects. We all know the west coast-style Ruckus, which is awesome, but I've become a bigger and bigger fan of people doing interesting things with the Honda Cub and its...

  • The Reaper by ScooterWorks USA

    The Reaper, a Custom Buddy 170i

    Feb 26, 14 • 1495 Views • Customs, Genuine Scooter CompanyNo Comments

    Building a custom scooter is always an exercise in balance. How much custom fabrication does one do? Do you focus on performance or outlandish visual design? What's the paint scheme going to look like? Then there's the big question: budget...