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  • BMW C Evolution

    Video: Building the BMW C Evolution

    Aug 18, 14 • 634 Views • BMW, Electric, EV Scooters, VideoNo Comments

    With new technologies, manufacturers are often required to develop new and innovative ways to actually produce the item at hand. In the case of the BMW C Evolution, the world's first 100% electric two-wheeler from a major manufacturer, that manufacturing...

  • Scoot-Networks

    Scoot Networks, the Zipcar of Electric Scooters

    Feb 19, 14 • 803 Views • Electric1 Comment

    Vehicle sharing has definitely hit the mainstream in America's major cities. From bicycles to cars, technology-enabled rides are freeing people from the hassle of full-time vehicle ownership. What about scooters? Well one company in San Francisco is taking...

  • Hero Leap

    Eric Buell Racing To Distribute Hero Scooters, Including Leap Hybrid Model

    Dec 18, 13 • 1507 Views • EBR/Hero, Electric, EV Scooters, Video1 Comment

    The story of Eric Buell Racing is a roller coaster tale pretty well known in the two-wheeled world, but for those who haven’t heard it, it basically goes like this. A very talented engineer and bike designer called Eric Buell partnered with Harley...

  • Lit Motors Kobo Cargo Scooter

    Kickstart this: The Kobo Cargo Scooter

    Dec 13, 13 • 1637 Views • Best of the Web, Concept Scooters, Electric, EV Scooters, Technical, VideoNo Comments

    People are always trying to do more with less, and while the practicality of travel by scooter is well known around the world, there are lots of opportunities to ramp up the utility factor. The clever kids at Lit Motors think they've got just the ticket. They...