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  • 2015-piaggio-mp3-500-3-wheeled-scooter-is-here-photo-galleryvideo_5

    Piaggio Updates the MP3 500, Adds ABS/ASC

    Nov 11, 14 • 287 Views • EICMA, Piaggio Group3 Comments

    Piaggio’s leaning trike, the MP3, is one of those models that has to be ridden to be understood. Those two front wheels give the MP3 such a strange look that for many, it’s a little to weird for its own good. Yet for those who’ve experienced...

  • E-Bike Piaggio

    Video: The E-Bike Piaggio

    Nov 10, 14 • 218 Views • EICMA, Electric, Piaggio Group, VideoNo Comments

    Piaggio brought an electric bicycle concept to EICMA 2014. With smartphone-enabled technology aboard, the E-Bike Piaggio aims to extend your ride...

  • cannonball2010-1

    Kickstart This: The Scooter Cannonball Movie

    Aug 25, 14 • 801 Views • Best of the Web, Cannonball, Scooter Cannonball, Video1 Comment

    One of the most-asked questions among participants in this year’s Scooter Cannonball Run was “What happened to the movie?” In 2010, a film crew from Los Angeles documented the ride. A trailer for the film appeared two years ago, creating a...

  • The team departs on Day 10

    Scooter Cannonball Run: Day 10 & Wrap Up

    Jun 18, 14 • 1942 Views • Amerivespa, Cannonball, Scooter Adventures, Scooter Cannonball, Scooter Touring6 Comments

    The 2014 Scooter Cannonball Run (aka CBR) is a 10-day endurance ride from Hyder, Alaska to New Orleans, LA. I am #98, riding a 1987 Honda Helix CN250. For more information, see Earlier and forthcoming Cannonball posts can be found...