ScooterFile Guide: New Scooter Warranties

One of the biggest draws to buying a new scooter as opposed to a used scooter is that factory warranty. For the first year or two, you can know that if something goes wrong mechanically, you’re not on the hook for it. Question is, which scooter manufacturers offer the best warranty? Which offer roadside assistance? We’ve broken it down for you here in our ScooterFile Guide to the New Scooter Warranties.

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Just Gotta Scoot Reviews the Kymco MyRoad 700

The large-displacement maxi-scooter category is seeing a lot of expansion as OEMs add models around the world. From BMW’s reintroduction into scooters with the C-series, to Aprilia’s SRV 850, to Yamaha’s T-Max, to Honda’s Inegra, what used to be more or less just the territory of the Burgman is now crowded with choice. Enter Kymco and their twin-cylinder MyRoad 700.

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