Opinion: Will the Vespa Sprint Hurt 946 Sales?

Earlier this week, we posted a story about all the juicy Vespa gossip we’ve been hearing in the past few months. Much of that was officially confirmed just a few days later with the Italian debut of the new Vespa Sprint. While in one sense the Sprint is simply an update to the Vespa S in the same way the Primavera is an update to the LX-150, both updates can’t be looked at without considering one other key model: the Vespa 946.

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2013 Honda Metropolitan

Opinion: Should the 50cc License Gap Close?

In many places around the world, there are two classes of scooters: those below 50cc and those above 50cc. For scooters and mopeds below 50cc that meet certain other standards (such as making less than 2 hp or being capable of only 34 mph) owners aren’t required to get a separate motorcycle endorsement on their drivers license to operate these vehicles on the road. In some places, these sub-50cc bikes don’t even have to be titled or registered.

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