Opinion: Will Electric Scooters Ever be Viable in the USA?

Last week, we posted this story about a study projecting that sales of electric motorcycles and scooters will grow ten fold over the next five years. Being a bit of a smart ass, my first thought was “Yes, if they’ve sold one bike today, and sell ten bikes five years from now, then they’ve grown by 10 times.” The real question is though, will the American market ever really embrace electric motorcycles or scooters?

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ScooterFile Review: Proficient Motorcycling

For any new rider, the generally accepted due diligence of learning to ride a two wheeler includes a short list of consistent activities.

1. Get yourself a helmet (and better yet, full riding gear)
2. Take the MSF rider safety course
3. Read David L. Hough’s Proficient Motorcycling

Though I’ve been riding scooters since 2007, I’ve only recently crossed #3 off my list, and I have to say, I put it off far too long. Not only was it an enjoyable, entertaining read, but Proficient Motorcycling is a treasure trove of riding tips.

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Opinion: What a Scooterist Wears. Fashion vs. Protection.

Over the years motorcycle or scooter riders have also developed fashion for both style and functionality. When I see a person clad in black, my first thought is that they’re likely a motorcyclist because of the look. But beyond identification, that gear protects the wearer in case of a fall.

Turns out that motorcycle riding gear has a really interesting history. You can see some of that history in this infographic created by the UK’s Bennett’s Insurance:

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