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  • bmw-c600-sport-y-gt_

    BMW Recalls C-Series Scooters Over Side Stand Switch Issue

    Mar 20, 14 • 332 Views • BMW, RecallsNo Comments

    BMW has recalled 4,400 bikes, including the C-Series scooters, for faulty side stand switches that may cause the bike to stall while riding...

  • BMW C 600 Sport

    BMW C-Series Scooter Owners Report Stalling Issues

    Nov 12, 13 • 604 Views • BMW, Recalls, Safety6 Comments

    We've had several ScooterFile readers refer us to a story on webBikeWorld regarding some owners encountering a stalling issue on their BMW C 600 Sport and C 650 GT...

  • xts_eagle_flat

    Vega Recalls 30,000 Helmets

    Dec 29, 12 • 118 Views • Recalls, SafetyNo Comments

    The Associated Press is reporting that helmet manufacturer Vega is recalling at least 30,000 of its VTS helmets. This after the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration judged four XL-sized VTS helmets as having failed the Federal Motor Vehicle...

  • Burgman recall

    Suzuki recalling Burgman over faulty brake light switches

    Feb 10, 12 • 275 Views • Recalls, SF Feature, Suzuki4 Comments is reporting that Suzuki is recalling two of its models for faulty brake light switches. Included in the recall is Suzuki's only scooter, the Bergman. The recall affects both the 400 and 650 versions of Suzuki's touring machine. What's so...