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India Sees More Women on Scooters for Personal Safety

Here in America, talk of riding a motorcycle or scooter is almost always wrapped up in some discussion of safety. Riding is pretty universally thought of as a dangerous activity here in The States. We think that perception is disproportionate to the relative danger of just life in general, but that’s a different topic. Imagine, however, if riding a scooter was actually a step up in terms of personal safety. That’s what women in India are deciding to do in ever growing numbers. What’s this other danger? It’s pretty sinister.

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Opinion: Should the 50cc License Gap Close?

In many places around the world, there are two classes of scooters: those below 50cc and those above 50cc. For scooters and mopeds below 50cc that meet certain other standards (such as making less than 2 hp or being capable of only 34 mph) owners aren’t required to get a separate motorcycle endorsement on their drivers license to operate these vehicles on the road. In some places, these sub-50cc bikes don’t even have to be titled or registered.

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Video: PBS NewsHour on Helmet Laws and Motorcycle Deaths

In a recent episode of PBS’s NewsHour, Rick Schmitt of comes on to discuss a recent CDC study regarding the correlation between motorcycle deaths and helmet use. More specifically, to point out that while both car and motorcycle use have both gone up, automobile fatalities have dropped sharply, while motorcycle (and ostensibly, by extension, scooter) fatalities have more than doubled. The study draws a correlation between the sharp uptick in motorcyclist fatalities and an ever shrinking patchwork of mandatory helmet use laws.

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