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  • Pink Scooter

    India Sees More Women on Scooters for Personal Safety

    Feb 12, 14 • 734 Views • Best of the Web, EBR/Hero, Honda, Safety, Sales, Yamaha2 Comments

    Here in America, talk of riding a motorcycle or scooter is almost always wrapped up in some discussion of safety. Riding is pretty universally thought of as a dangerous activity here in The States. We think that perception is disproportionate to the relative...

  • texting and driving

    Opinion: Let’s Treat Distracted Driving Like Drunk Driving

    Feb 7, 14 • 1078 Views • Law and Regulation, Opinion, Safety5 Comments

    Here in Illinois it’s recently become illegal to use a “hand-held device” — i/e a mobile phone — while driving. This is intended to curb talking while driving and make the road a better place. However, the new statute doesn’t...

  • Crash

    Alcohol-Related Fatalities On the Rise

    Jan 19, 14 • 520 Views • SafetyNo Comments

    Let’s face it, alcohol use at scooter events is the worst kept secret in the scooter community. Getting together for a drink is a not uncommon central fixture of many social scooter gatherings. While the majority of the time people certainly stay within...

  • 2013 Honda Metropolitan

    Opinion: Should the 50cc License Gap Close?

    Jan 16, 14 • 1300 Views • Law and Regulation, Opinion, Safety13 Comments

    In many places around the world, there are two classes of scooters: those below 50cc and those above 50cc. For scooters and mopeds below 50cc that meet certain other standards (such as making less than 2 hp or being capable of only 34 mph) owners aren't...