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  • 86Cancer

    Three Houston Scooterists To Run the Cannonball for Cancer Charity

    Apr 7, 14 • 117 Views • Cannonball, Scooter CannonballNo Comments

    The cross-country Scooter Cannonball is an adventure all its own, but making the journey for a good cause is even better. That's what three intrepid riders are doing as they make the Cannonball run on behalf of cancer research charity 86 Cancer...

  • Motoworks Baja Scooter Adventure

    Video: A Baja Vespa Surf Adventure

    Mar 25, 14 • 248 Views • Scooter AdventuresNo Comments

    These days, when people think about adventure touring on two wheels, they think of big enduro bikes like the BMW R1200GS. Yet big adventures can be had on a much smaller scale. Take this surfing tour through Mexico taken by Motoworks Chicago owner Johnny...

  • 4K the Hard Way

    “4K the Hard Way” Goes Cross Country on Vespas

    Jan 15, 14 • 435 Views • Scooter Adventures, Scooter Touring, Vespa1 Comment

    Scooters were originally conceived as urban transportation and to this day, most people think of scooters as city bikes. Thing is though, when a scooter is what you've got, a scooter is what you'll use no matter how far you intend to go. Surprisingly enough,...

  • Ordu, Texas

    Video: Man in His 80s Recounts Worldwide Vespa Adventure

    Jan 14, 14 • 391 Views • Scooter Adventures, Vespa, Video, VintageNo Comments

    In this trailer for the documentary film Ordu, Texas, we meet Osman Gursoy, a man in his 80s who has ridden his original Vespa Sprint all over the world. Made by documentary film and riding adventure group