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  • ScooterFile First Ride- 2014 Vespa 946 280

    First Ride: Vespa 946

    Aug 13, 14 • 330 Views • Scooter Reviews, Vespa1 Comment

    Our first impressions riding Vespa's flagship 946 model. Sure, this $10,000 Vespa is beautiful to look at, but is it any good to ride...

  • Burgman 200

    Motorcycle USA Reviews the Suzuki Burgman 200

    Jul 22, 14 • 529 Views • Scooter Reviews, SuzukiNo Comments

    For more than a decade, the one name in luxury maxi-scooters was Burgman. With growing competition in the maxi-scooter space of late, Suzuki has expanded the Burgman range downsize. The Burgman 200 is new this year in the US market, and Motorcycle USA's Gabe...

  • Vespa Sprint - ScooterFile - 381

    Hands-on with the 2015 Vespa Sprint

    Jun 30, 14 • 1326 Views • Scooter Reviews3 Comments

    For Vespa, the 2014 model year has been all about new small-frame models. Centered around Piaggio's new 3-valve 150cc engine, three new Vespa models for North America have now landed in dealers. The latest is the new 2014 Vespa Sprint...

  • Genuine Hooligan 170i 023

    First Ride: Genuine Hooligan 170i

    May 14, 14 • 2121 Views • Genuine Scooter Company, Scooter Reviews6 Comments

    Among your more serious scooterists, there are a two key groups. There's those who love scooters as objects — those who love the design and nostalgia of scooters as much as their ability to actually be ridden around. Then there's the pragmatic bunch...