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    This Week in Scooters: March 2-8

    Mar 8, 14 • 488 Views • SF FeatureNo Comments

    The week in scooter stories for March 2-8, 2014. We also introduce a new feature, our shared photo of the week. ...

  • this week in scooters

    This Week in Scooters: Feb 23 – March 1

    Mar 1, 14 • 642 Views • SF FeatureNo Comments

    This week kicked off with F1 star driver Louis Hamilton taking a Roman Holiday on a red Vespa with Nicole Scherzinger as his very own Aurdrey Hepburn. While celebrities are...

  • This Week in Scooters

    This Week In Scooters: Feb 16-22

    Feb 23, 14 • 477 Views • SF FeatureNo Comments

    It's been a busy week at ScooterFile HQ, but the news never stops. This week saw some significant editorial content from us, some amazing gallery finds, and yet another key tool that scooter fans can use in making their next scooter purchase decision. Let's...

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    From the Archives: SYM Symba First Ride

    Feb 18, 14 • 548 Views • SF FeatureNo Comments

    Few bikes capture the the fun and exuberance of riding a scooter like the the Honda Cub and its variants. While it’s arguable whether it’s technically a scooter or not, this is a bike that scooter fans have loved for nearly 60 years. While Honda...