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Two Scooters: Form vs. Function

Seth Godin recently compared two cars: a vintage Porsche, and a modern Honda. One is “better” and one is more “interesting”. ScooterFile’s Ron Arnold poses the same question with his two scooters.

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ScooterFile Guide: How to Winterize Your Scooter

Tomorrow is the first official day of winter, although for those of us who live in seasonal latitudes, we’re on nearly the sixth week of winter. Regardless of the actual outside temperature, this time of year is scooter hibernation season for many. With that in mind, there are some key things you can do to make sure that come spring, your favorite two wheel ride is ready to go again when things warm up.

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ScooterFile Review: Proficient Motorcycling

For any new rider, the generally accepted due diligence of learning to ride a two wheeler includes a short list of consistent activities.

1. Get yourself a helmet (and better yet, full riding gear)
2. Take the MSF rider safety course
3. Read David L. Hough’s Proficient Motorcycling

Though I’ve been riding scooters since 2007, I’ve only recently crossed #3 off my list, and I have to say, I put it off far too long. Not only was it an enjoyable, entertaining read, but Proficient Motorcycling is a treasure trove of riding tips.

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