The Joy of Scooters

Video: Rome by Scooter

For many, their romantic attachment to scooters is tied directly to the root of that very word: Rome. Traveling Italy by scooter is something many scooter fans dream of doing, and thanks to a myriad of tour companies, is something pretty accessible to anyone with the time and the money. For those on the fence, here’s a video tour of what it’s like to see Rome from the back of a scooter.

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Happy Birthday, Audrey Hepburn

Today we celebrate the birthday of romantic scooting’s first lady, Audrey Hepburn. Were Audrey as immortal in body as she is in memory, she’d be 76 years-old today. Her Academy Award Winning performance in Roman Holiday will likely forever be a part of scooter culture, just like the Mods, The Who and the very name of Vespa.

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Roman Holiday now available on Netflix Instant Watch

For a lot of American scooter fans, the movie Roman Holiday sets the romantic (no pun intended) tone for their entire relationship to scooters. The scene included here especially. It depicts a carefree escape, with a hint of danger, that helps bond two people together. Is there really a better description for the joy of riding a scooter? Now this iconic film is available for convenient streaming via Netflix Instant Watch.

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Carry Your Bike on Your Scooter

Various forms of cycling (the human-powered kind) are more popular these days than since “Breaking Away” was in movie theaters. Many scooterists are cyclists as well, whether mountain biking, crisscrossing cities on fixies or zipping around in clingy stretch pants. Unfortunately, uniting the two pursuits isn’t easy unless you have a folding bike.

Scooterists are a clever and industrious lot (or so we’d like to think) and have devised a number of DIY rack solutions for hauling  their wheels on their wheels. These range from precarious constructions of rope, bungees and plywood to custom metalwork.

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