Florida Football Player Arrested for Scooter Theft

While stealing a scooter is not that rare, it’s unusual for the alleged thief to be a high profile individual. University of Florida football player, Jessamen Dunker, was arrested on January 16th and charged with Grand Larceny, a 3rd degree felony, for possessing a stolen scooter. He was first stopped for a missing license plate and then arrested for invalid registration of the scooter he was riding. One source stated that Dunker claims he purchased the scooter for $600 but failed to get a receipt. Turns out the scooter in question had in fact been reported stolen, and valued at $5000. As if that weren’t enough, Dunker was repordedly riding the hot bike with a suspended driver’s license. Speaking of suspensions, Dunker has also since been suspended from the University of Florida football team.

Regardless of the outcome of Mr. Dunker’s case, the story is an important reminder to all scooter buyers. Get the proper documentation when purchasing a scooter. Every time. Get a signed title. Make sure the VIN and engine numbers match the actual bike. Register your new scooter with the state and carry at least the legal minimum for insurance. Scooters are cheap to register and extremely cheap to insure. Let’s be grownups and do this right.

While it’s easy to neglect one’s due dilligence when buying a barn find or a scooter for parts, just don’t do it. No deal is worth going to jail over. If a bargain seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Source: USA Today

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