Scoot Networks, the Zipcar of Electric Scooters

Vehicle sharing has definitely hit the mainstream in America’s major cities. From bicycles to cars, technology-enabled rides are freeing people from the hassle of full-time vehicle ownership. What about scooters? Well one company in San Francisco is taking the vehicle sharing paradigm into the future. Scoot Networks provides a network of electric scooters that members can access via their smartphone and use for their transportation needs.

The current fleet of Scoot Network machines includes basically 50cc equivalent electric scooters. With top speeds of just 30 mph and a range of 10-15 city miles, these scooters don’t currently require a motorcycle endorsement on their driver’s license (regular readers know how we feel about that). That ease of access precludes these machines from traveling on the freeway or on any of San Francisco’s iconic bridges, but for basic getting around, they’re just the ticket. Scoot Networks say they’re expanding the fleet to include more capable electric scooters with a top speed of 60 mph and a range of up to 80 miles.

scoots with docks2

With vehicle sharing services like Zipcar, and ride sharing programs like Lyft and UberX finding a real footing in the mainstream, something like Scoot Networks seems like a logical next step. Don’t live in San Francisco? Well Scoot Network is planning expansion into new cities starting in 2014. More info is available over at the Scoot Networks website.

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