Scooter, moped and more racing at ThunderDrome 2012

Grass roots racing has a glorious history in this country. It’s where NASCAR started, but it’s also where thousands of people each week still get together and race wheel to wheel for nothing more than bragging rights and the post-adrenaline endorphin high. It’s the heart and soul of On Any Sunday and it’s good to know events like Thunderdrome are keeping that spirit alive today for fans of small bikes like mopeds and scooters. With two races scheduled for 2012 (June 30 and September 15) to be held at Detroit’s Dorais Velodrome, Thunderdrome looks like it’s going to be a riot. Race classes include moped, scooter, minibike, gokart, motard, mountain bike, street bike and sub classes throughout. Racing the Velodrome’s tight, high-banked oval should keep the racing action intense, even if the speeds aren’t. But perhaps the best part of events like Thunderdrome is that the barrier for entry is fantastically low. Own a bicycle? You can race. Have an old moped that runs? Get it ready! Take it really seriously, or just show up and have a good time. We’re going to do our darnedest to make sure ScooterFile is on-site for the mayhem. See you there?

Source: Thunderdrome

Via Hell For Leather]

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