The 2StrokeBuzz 2014/2015 Cold Weather Challenge

As we zero in on the Winter Solstice and the official beginning of winter, most of the country has already started seeing pockets of cold weather across our northern latitudes. For most of us who live in areas that get real winter, the cold, snow, ice and salt push us off the road for a few months to work on projects and plan the next season’s riding festivities.

Yet for an intrepid few, winter is no excuse to stop riding their scooter. For them, the 2StrokeBuzz Cold Weather Challenge is here to separate the hard core from the dilettantes. That is, if you’ve got a vintage Vespa or a shifty Stella. Sorry twist-and-go riders, this challenge has parameters.

Basically, whoever rides the coldest and the longest wins. Check out the full rules over at 2StrokeBuzz.

Question for ScooterFile readers: Would there be any interest in a similar challenge that’d be open to all scooter types? Let us know in the comments and we’ll make something happen.

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