Burgman 200 Cleared for California, USA

The Suzuki Burgman is well known in America as the premier large touring scooter. At 400 or 650cc, the Burgman has been basically the king of the maxi-scooter market for a decade at least. Suzuki has since produced smaller versions of the Burgman, but none of them have yet to come stateside. That’s about to change. The California Air Resources Board has cleared the way for the 2014 Suzuki Burgman 200 to be sold in California, thus facilitating its introduction to the entire American market. The 200cc “Baby Burgman”, as well as a 125cc model, have been available in the European and Asian markets, where it has gained popularity as a commuter. You can read more about the new smaller Burgman here.

While we don’t yet have specific confirmation, it’s likely that the 2014 model will be the same as previous Burgman 200 models sold overseas. In the mean time, you can see the Burgman 200 in action in the YouTube video above, showing a woman rider putting it through its rainy paces in Italy. As a Burgman rider myself, and someone who has admired the smaller Burgies in Europe, this is exciting news indeed. We’re seeing more and more investment in maxi-scooters for the US market, anticipating that people will make scooters a more regular part of their daily commute. With current offerings from Piaggio and BMW, plus new offerings from Honda and now Suzuki, those looking for a modern, bigger scooter will soon have several more to choose from.

Source: Motorcycle.com

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