Motorcycle USA Praises the 2013 Piaggio BV350

Piaggio’s midsize BV350 has been a big hit with motorcyclists and scooterists alike. While not only one of the best looking “big wheel” scooters available, the BV350 hits a sweet spot of capability. Motorcycle USA reviewer and CityBike editor, Gabe Ets-Hokin, had a lot of complimentary things to say about the middleweight Beverly in his recent review. He writes:

Observe: the Universal Italian Scooter. It’s big enough to tour on, is as comfortable as old sweatpants and offers all the style you’d expect from an Italian scooter. But it also gets great gas mileage, has lots of storage room and isn’t so big it’s not agile and easy to pilot.

This intersection of compact, easy-to-ride scooter goodness and usable, motorcycle-like power has been a staple of BV350 reviews around the web. Yet Piaggio didn’t simply scale down the BV500 and call it a day. The BV350 features some significant technical upgrades over its Beverly siblings and Vespa cousins:

But of interest to real scooter nerds is the new wet-clutch transmission. Don’t let the word “clutch” scare you – it’s still a twist-n-go CVT (that means “continuously variable”) transmission, so no need to learn how to work a clutch or gearbox. Gone is the dry centrifugal clutch that’s driven twist-n’-goes since the ’80s, now replaced by the smooth, efficient goodness of oil-bathed plates, which promise greater reliability and longer service life. In fact, all the innovations added together mean oil changes are needed but every 6200 miles, and major services are a globe-trotting 12,400 miles apart. Efficiency is boosted, too: Piaggio claims the BV will return 70 mpg.

There’s a lot to like about the BV350, and Gabe Ets-Hokin doesn’t hesitate to tell you all about it. See what he likes (a lot) and what he doesn’t like so much (very little) in his full review.

Source: Motorcycle USA

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