Motorcycle USA Reviews the Roof Boxer V8 Modular Helmet

I’m a big fan of modular, flip-up helmets. I particularly like those from Nolan. I’m not alone. Modular helmets are a very popular choice among scooter riders. They offer the safety of a full face, with the option to see more. Most modular helmets only flip up, but here’s a European-born helmet that does modular one better. The Roof Boxer V8 has a chin bar that not only swivels overhead, it keeps on going nearly 180 degrees to rest directly behind you. It can be worn with the chin bar in either position while riding, as either a full-face helmet or as an open-face helmet. The Roof has ECE 2205 J certification for open-face use and ECE 2205 P certification for full-face use. The designs and colors definitely have that European je ne sais quoi.

For more info, check out this review at Motorcycle USA. Roof makes two other versions, both offering the same versatility as the Boxer V8. Unfortunately, Roof helmets are not sold retail in the USA, but you can order them from European online retailers.

What do you think? The fighter pilot aesthetic isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. Then again, Roof is doing something really unique in the helmet market. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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