Recapping the Chicago Genuine “Family Reunion” Ride

Two Sundays ago there was a very fun meeting of the scooter minds. Myself, Eric from Modern Buddy (and here at ScooterFile), plus the Detroit Scooter Examiner himself, Ron Arnold. We got together with Philip McCaleb of Genuine Scooter Company for the long-awaited Chicago leg of Genuine’s “Family Reunion” customer appreciation tour.

The event was simple, but well represented and a heck of a good time. A cloudy morning gave way to sunny skies as our group of several dozen scooters wound our way from Scooterworks Chicago, up Sheridan Rd, and then back to Fireside Grill for a lunch buffet sure to clog all our favorite arteries. While technically a Genuine event, scooters of all makes/models were welcome. Yet overall, it was a great mix of Stellas, Buddies and Blurs.

For me, the highlight was definitely the people involved. The local Meetup group, the Scoot Jockeys, showed up in good numbers. It was great to finally meet Ron Arnold in person, and to have ScooterFile’s Senior Editor and Modern Buddy foudner, Eric Almendral, in town for the ride. Eric even got to ride the pre-production Stella 4T prototype. For anyone wondering what the new Stella would be like with its original, larger bore Mikuni carburetor in place, I have one word for you: wheelies.

Once lunch wound down, the scooters began to scatter. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and in such lovely weather, there was no need to rush home. So my Elite 250 and I just meandered up Ravenswood toward home.

While any scooter gathering is typically fun, this one was particularly interesting just because of its purpose. Like all the Genuine “Family Reunion” rides, this event was a way for Genuine to say thank you to all its customers — to all those people who’ve let this plucky little scooter company exist and thrive in a tough industry. Even though it wasn’t all Genuine bikes that showed up, I can’t help but think that this kind of simple, gracious, community-oriented event has got to be some of the best advertising a scooter company can do. Just show up, go riding and say thanks. Simple, but effective.

Thank you, Philip and Genuine, for having us along and for adding so much to the landscape of scooters in America.

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