Scoot Richmond featured on WTVR

With gas prices continuing to rise, we can bet on a lot of local news stories about how scooters save gas. This one features Chelsea Lahmers of Scoot Richmond telling us all about the relationship between pump prices and customer interest. Produced by by Alix Bryan and Mark Holmberg, this piece does a really good job of actually correctly summarizing worldwide scooter use. Sure, gas prices are a big driver of sales, but it’s also great to see a news story that acknowledges both the cultural benefits and the sheer fun factor of it. Most news pieces like this just skim the surface of the topic.

Then again, it’s little surprise that this would be a quality scooter story. Alix Bryan (who is, for the record, one of my favorite humans) knows a thing or two about scooters. In 2007, Alix started a two year journey across America on her Genuine Buddy 125. You can find that story over at

Via Genuine Scooter Company on Facebook

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