Subcompact Culture rides the Stella 4T

I think it’s safe to say that without the Stella, scooter culture in the USA wouldn’t be what it is. Without the Stella, there’s no Buddy. Need I say more? We’ve all seen them, some of us own them, and most of us want one. Our own Eric Almendral rides a Stella 4T these days. But for all the visibility the Stella has within the scooter community, it’s interesting to get an outside perspective now that then. That’s precisely what you can get over at Subcompact Culture right now with their review of the Stella 4T.

So how does it ride? I took one for a scoot through town and some local country roads. Simply put, it’s a blast! With about 10hp in a light machine the bike easily keeps up with in town traffic. Handling is light and precise. You don’t need to steer or even look, just think about where you want to go and the bike goes there. The brakes (front disc and drum rear) are more than adequate and give good feedback. Getting out to the twisty roads in the hills and I could open the bike up a bit. It had no trouble getting up to 45mph with my 220 lb. aboard, even going up the hills. At that speed the handling starts to get a bit squirrely so I didn’t push it much farther. There’s no instability or wobbling but with a short wheelbase and 10″ wheels it’s definitely sensitive to input. The Genuine website claims a 60+ MPH top speed and my mechanic rides his older two stroke on the freeway all the time, so it is possible if you’re willing.

It’s a fun read from an outsider’s perspective. Go give them some love. Have you ridden the Stella 4T? What were your impressions?

Source: Subcompact Culture

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