New Illinois Law Could Require Motorcycle Awareness Training in Driver’s Ed

Those of us who ride scooters are keenly aware that the bulk of the danger we encounter as riders isn’t our vehicles or the road, but other motor vehicles. In particular, cars pose the most consistent threat to two-wheel riders of all shapes and sizes. At the center of that threat is simple driver inattention. Between distractions like smartphones and simply failing to see oncoming scooters, we rely on our fellow motorists not to kill us in as much as we also do our best to ride defensively. The more aware of us they are, the less likely they are to violate our right of way.

In the Illinois state legislature, Representative Tom Bennett has introduced bill HB1410, which “requires behind-the-wheel instruction to incorporate motorcycle safety and awareness to ensure that students understand their surroundings when operating a motor vehicle.” Basically, Rep. Bennett is proposing that if drivers are taught from day one to have more awareness of two-wheel vehicles, then everyone should, in theory, have safer roads to enjoy. While certainly not a magic bullet solution for scooter and motorcycle safety, it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

Of course the even stronger solution, we think, would be to also make riding a two-wheeler part of driver’s ed. Let people experience the exposure and vulnerability first-hand. That’s unlikely to make it onto the docket of any state legislature committee meetings, but we can still hope. In the meantime, well done, Illinois. Now let’s send that bill to the floor and vote it into law.

Source: Dealer News

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