Video: SYM RV200 EVO Official Promo

SYM appears to be positioning itself in the American scooter market as the practical, capable choice. With technically excellent machines and proven reliability, SYM has long been the dark horse of the modern scooter scene. Today we have another of their promotional videos, this time for the RV200 EVO. While not as cyclops-eyed and distinct as its RV250 predecessor, the RV200 manages something other midsize, big-wheel scooters often fail to achieve: it’s actually good looking. The video pitches the RV200 EVO as a freeway capable, comfortable, practical commuting machine ideal for hauling yourself to the office or hopping down to the market for a few days’ groceries. Lots of specs and features are checked off the list, including the RV200’s very aggressive MSRP of $3,699. That’s nearly $1,000 less than the Kymco People GT 200i.

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  • Southerner

    Nice,  but is a 200cc scooter truly suitable for someone who weighs around 200 pounds?  I liked the RV250 and thought it was a well-rounded device.  Going down 50cc doesn’t seem like a good idea for what appears to be a small maxi-scooter.

    • Orin

      I weigh more than 200 lbs and have had no trouble doing freeway speed on 200cc scooters. The difference in performance between 200-250-300cc is negligible.

    • i’m 6’1″ and 205 lbs … the 250 has no trouble blasting above 80 mph (indicated) with more to go before redline.  I’m surprised the video mentions 72 as max speed, but being that it is really a 171cc motor (why not the Sym 175?), I’d not plan on cruising Interstates on this scooter.

  • I’ve never understood how a 171cc motor can be called a 200 … but this scooter appears to be a true winner.  I own the Sym RV250, and am impressed with every aspect of the scooter, from fit-n-finish, to power, braking, reliability and comfort. 

    • Yeah, class designation on scooters and motorcycles alike aren’t as closely tied to engine size as they used to be. It goes both ways on the size designation too. The BMW C 600 Sport we’re currently reviewing is actually 650cc.

  • Walklikegump

    I’ve had this scooter now for nearly 4yrs and am really happy with it. There is nothing out there that competes. The top speed is higher on mine as I changed out the weights but otherwise it’s not modified. Feet forward in this size scooter is hard to come by.