Breaking: Genuine Recalling Stella 125 Automatics for Faulty ECUs

ScooterFile has received official word from Genuine Scooter Company that they are recalling the new Stella 125 Automatic scooter over a batch of potentially faulty ECUs they received from component manufacturer Dellorto. A batch of approximately 800-1000 ECUs has been found to have a potentially significant failure rate, so Genuine is proactively recalling all Stella 125 Automatics and replacing these components that could fail with new ECUs from a new, verified batch that have been tested and certified. This repair takes approximately five minutes and will be at no cost to owners.

At 10:00 AM this morning, Genuine sent out an official communication to its entire dealer network, halting the sale of all Stella 125 Automatics until they’ve had their ECU’s replaced with units from the verified supply. Our sources at Genuine tell us that dealers will have a full supply of replacement parts as soon as tomorrow, July 9, 2014. Additionally, all of Genuine’s pre-sale warehouse stock of Stella 125 Automatics are currently being serviced to receive the new ECUs, so any Stella 125 Automatic purchased after tomorrow should already have the new components onboard.

A formal email will go out to owners as soon as the NHTSA issues Genuine with an official recall number. In the mean time, dealers are aware of the recall, and will be able to take care of customers starting tomorrow, according to Genuine. Also, Genuine is reaching out to us and others to get the word out as soon as possible.

What should Stella 125 Automatic Owners do?

Genuine is instructing owners to stop riding their Stella 125 Automatic scooters immediately. Call the Roadside Assistance number you received when you purchased your scooter, and have the driver take your Stella 125 Automatic to the nearest dealer. As stated earlier, the fix takes just five minutes to complete, so if you go with the driver you will have your scooter back immediately.

The good news

Genuine is telling us that not only are the replacement ECUs more reliable, but they’re experiencing better engine performance as well. So even if your Stella 125 Automatic’s ECU hasn’t failed, this replacement will also serve as an upgrade.

Additionally, kudos to Genuine for taking this component failure seriously, tracing the problem quickly, and addressing it directly. Recalls have been big headlines in the automotive industry of late, and Genuine appears to be learning from the mistakes of others. When properly handled, recalls are, in our opinion, a good thing. It’s a manufacturer’s opportunity to take care of their customers after the sale, and it’s a free fix for everyone affected.

So let’s hear from you. What questions do you have? Have you had any issues with your Stella 125 Automatic? Give us your feedback. We’ll follow up with Genuine and report back.

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