Found: Early LML Star 125 (Genuine Stella) Automatic First Ride

Curious about the upcoming twist-and-go version of the Genuine Stella? So are we. While we wait anxiously for Genuine to make Stella Auto models available for review, first impressions of the LML Star are beginning to trickle in from around the globe. The latest is from LOL Motors and gives us some interesting tid bits about the new engine.

Out went the absurdly primitive ‘stroker (which, don’t forget, was designed by Corradino D’Ascanio in 1945!) in favour of a neat 125cc fan-cooled four-stroke single, sitting bolt upright ahead of the rear wheel in the middle of the monocoque sheet-metal chassis (rather than offset to the right), driving via an industry-standard constantly variable belt transmission, instead of the Vespa’s signature twistgrip three-speed gearshift.

The new engine, jointly developed with Korean bikemaker Dailim and Adler of Germany, is a conservative SOHC, two-valve plonker delivering 6.8kW at 8000rpm and 8.7Nm at 6000 but, thanks to a electronic fuel-injection through a 24mm Dell’Orto throttle body, complies with Euro3 statutes and the LML Star Auto is, in fact, sold in Italy.

Overall the riding impressions sound like the Stella’s quirky riding characteristics remain intact, even if there is no clutch to contend with. It sounds like Genuine will definitely have a winner on their hands. Read the full article over at LOL Motors. Are YOU excited for the new Stella Automatic? Let us hear from you in the comments.

Source:LOL Motoring

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