Genuine Stella Automatic Colors Revealed for 2014

The Stella Automatic may be one of 2014’s most highly anticipated scooters. Classic looks with modern ease-of-operation. What’s not to like? One thing Genuine Scooter Company has always done well is offer a variety of good color choices on their scooters. So what can we expect on the Stella Auto? According to Scooterworks Chicago, it’ll be four colors to kick off 2014:

• Metallic Blue
• Metallic Red
• Metallic Black
• Cream White

Genuine Stella Auto Colors

While Black and Cream are both available on the Stella 4T today, the previous blues and reds have been flat colors. A little extra sparkle on Genuine’s modern classic will be a nice touch. With the buzz already brewing, we anticipate a big year for this little scooter.

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