Opinion: If I were Scomadi

There are a number of consistent, interesting scooter bloggers out there, and one of them is Orin O’Neill. His blog, Scootin’ Old Skool is his own personal mix of musings, event recaps and occasional editorial. One of his recent editorials caught our eye in light of so much buzz around UK’s little scooter company that could, Scomadi.

Scomadi has started production of its 50cc model in earnest, announced their UK dealer network, and are even busking on IndieGoGo to speed up their time-to-market on their 300cc model. Yet for American scooter fans, one burning question remains: will Scomadi come to the USA? It is on that very subject that Orin makes an interesting recommendation:

I won’t presume to speak for them, but if I were Mr. Scomadi, I would be talking to Genuine Scooter Company about a distribution deal. Why?

For one thing, Genuine is a distributor, not a manufacturer. For another, the company is all about small volumes. And most importantly, the TL 300 would give them an entry at a price point they don’t presently occupy.

At the rate of exchange in effect as I’m writing this, the TL 300’s “in the region of” £4,495 MSRP appearing on Scomadi’s website works out to $7,140 U.S. That undercuts the Vespa GTS by a few hundred bucks, though I’m inclined to believe likely buyers will care more about the TL 300’s styling and exclusivity. Scomadi doesn’t seem likely to be cranking them out by the millions.

More importantly, Genuine has a well-established dealer network. Starting one from scratch can be difficult, not to mention expensive. Especially if you want to do it right and thoroughly vet potential dealers. We’ve already seen what happens when hardware stores and places that sell burner phones and do money transfers to Central America take on scooters.

His whole article is worth a read, so definitely go check it out. While you’re at it, be sure to add Scootin’ Old Skool to your favorite RSS reader.

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