The two-tone Genuine Stella

If I had to choose just one bike that’s responsible for the scooter renaissance we’ve seen in the past decade, I think it has to be the Stella from Genuine Scooter Company. It’s an affordable, reliable, vintage-but-modern machine that combines the very best of the pre-GY6 scooter technology into a package that feels and looks authentically classic. It’s old in all the good ways and new everywhere it needs to be. It’s even a 4-stroke engine now. Thing is, I’d bet that without the Stella, there wouldn’t be the Buddy, or the Blur, or the Roughhouse or any of the other offerings from PGO that Genuine was able to bring to market here in the US. That was made possible, at least in part, because of the success of the Stella and the lessons they learned as a partner with LML.

Over the years, Genuine has done a handful of special edition Stellas, such as the Great Britain edition and the Atomic Fireball. They’ve also kept the paint choices fresh from year to year. With a neo-classic bike like the Stella, it’s not like you’re going to re-engineer the thing every model year, so it makes sense to have fun in the paint booth. These latest two-tone color choices, I have to say, are my favorite yet. Well done, chaps.

Source: Facebook

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