TARDIS Buddy Scooter: “Bigger on the Inside”

If, perhaps, you’ve just emerged from a several years-long coma, first of all, congratulations. Second — and we don’t want to blow your mind here — “Dr. Who” is popular again, even in the United States. Crazy, huh? Not only that, but the 50th anniversary of the show is this week and it’s the biggest thing on TV since the “Breaking Bad” finale, which you may not have even heard of yet and was just a couple weeks ago, but trust us, it was a big deal.

ModernBuddy member Witch is commemorating the event by teaming with some friends to turn her Genuine Buddy 170i into a TARDIS on wheels. She claims it’s “bigger on the inside.”

As the 10th Doctor was, uh… is, or will be fond of exclaiming, “Allons-y!




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