The Slaughterhouse, a Custom Genuine Roughhouse 50

The humble Genuine Roughhouse is a bike that nobody would likely see as menacing. It’s like a playful mutt dog, just ready to play and kind of up for anything. At just 50cc stock, it’s also not going to win many races, but that’s okay. That’s not what a 50cc is for.

The Slaughterhouse by ScooterWorks USA

Yet a Roughhouse really can be so much more. Meet the Slaughterhouse, a custom Genuine Roughhouse built by Ken, a tech adviser at ScooterWorks USA. Murdered out in flat black, the Slaughterhouse features a slew of performance upgrades. A 68cc “big bore” kit with a ceramic-coated cylinder, a 19mm carburetor, upgraded reed valves, a higher flow intake and exhaust setup, and a reworked transmission are just some of the upgrades made to give the Slaughterhouse a lot more oomph. Upgraded brakes and exhaust round out the performance package. The playful mutt is now a fiercely loyal thoroughbred guard dog.

The Slaughterhouse by ScooterWorks USA

My favorite detail are the street-oriented tires, making this almost the motard version of the Roughhouse. Given it’ll likely only ever see tarmac here in Chicago, the street rubber is both a wise and aesthetically pleasing choice. Additionally, like The Reaper we shared earlier this week, ScooterWorks USA has shared the full parts list for this custom build. So if you wanted to build your own beastly little Roughhouse, they can help you get started. Get the low down on the ScooterWorks USA blog.

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